5050 Poker Claims Refuted by Microgaming

Earlier this year, 5050 Poker shut down operations after what it claimed to be unfair behavior by Microgaming. The online casino software giant has responded in a level of detail that players who are familiar with Microgaming will expect. They have completely shut down 5050 Poker's claims and maintained their image as a top online casino software company.

The online poker world and the management of the player pool is a lot more complicated than with traditional casino games. Because players are competing against each other, the overall poker ecosystem has to be maintained in a way that keeps the best players from winning too much from the worst players. While it's obvious that the better players should win from the worse players over time, if the transfer of funds becomes too fast, it's bad for the poker economy as a whole since it stops becoming fun for most of the players involved in the games.

To this end, the companies that manage the biggest online poker networks have taken measures to limit multi-tabling and other activities that speed up the flow of money too much. Microgaming is one such online poker network operator, and their recent problems with 5050 Poker seem to stem completely from this fact.

5050 Poker closed its doors earlier this year claiming that Microgaming dropped its players multi-tabling capabilities from 20 tables at once to two table at once with no warning ahead of time. It also claimed that Microgaming charged them a 150,000+ EUR fee. Microgaming replied by showing that they had warned 5050 Poker about the nature of its player base creating a situation where the multi-tabling limits had to be tightened well in advance. As regards the 150,000+ EUR fee, Microgaming has also shown that this was not a fee at all. Instead, the 150,000+ EUR that Microgaming charged 5050 Poker was a part of its rake reconciliation program that 5050 Poker was fully aware of. This program corrects imbalances in how rake is awarded to different online poker room operators on the Microgaming poker network.

It seems that Microgaming has guarded its reputation once again as one of the best online casino software development companies in the industry. Its poker network is one of the most popular and most successful in the world, and people play online poker with Microgaming from all over the globe. 5050 Poker has closed its doors to players, but Microgaming has shown that they have done nothing wrong in handling the situation.