New Mobile Casino Launched by Playtech

Playtech has recently unveiled its newest mobile online casino platform. This platform is the result of its work with Mobenga, a mobile sportsbook company that it recently purchased. The combined efforts of Playtech developers and Mobenga's team have created an awesome mobile casino application set that has a huge range of features.

Right now there is a huge battle going on in the online casino world. Playtech and Microgaming are virtually at war with each other for the title of the top online casino software development company, and both sides have been making huge strides forward. Because both sides are being forced to put as much effort as possible into developing awesome games and software solutions, the players are getting a real treat. Playtech recently scored in this battle with its newest mobile casino platform.

This mobile casino software by Playtech incorporates a lot of features that players will find useful and enjoy. First of all, players can choose from nine different games including blackjack, slots and roulette. The platform is also designed to make it very easy for Playtech and its recently-purchased Mobenga staff to add new games and titles in the future. Second, the software has been especially designed to be compatible with a wide range of phones and mobile devices. If you have a smartphone from Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Samsung or Nokia, then you will be able to use Playtech's new mobile casino platform. A number of other phones from different brands can also use the software.

Daniel Orkan is Playtech's head of mobile operations, and he had a lot of great things to say about the new software. He's very happy about its release since it shows the first significant change to the mobile software since Playtech acquired Mobenga, a company that produces mobile sportsbook and casino software. One of the main concerns for Orkan is that online casinos that use the Playtech software for their online casino operations will also be able to use the mobile software to provide online casino games on their customers' phones. This gives online casinos one more reason to work with Playtech instead of the competition.

Playtech is one of the top two or three online casino software companies in the world. Their software is used by some of the most popular and most successful online casinos in the entire industry. Playtech's casino software features hundreds of games, excellent security and a lot of nice features.