Playtech Awards Biggest Bingo Jackpot Promotion Prizes

When Playtech starts off a big promotion, everyone in the online gambling industry is going to know about it. They do promotions better than any other online casino software development company, and that's why they are one of the largest and most successful casino software providers in the entire industry.

Online bingo is one aspect of the online casino industry that tends to get less attention than most other games. Because bingo pulls in fewer players than games like online slots, it can sometimes seem like bingo players are forgotten about when it comes to huge promotions and deals. However, the most successful online bingo rooms and the best online casino software providers make sure to give out great prizes and bonuses to online bingo players on a regular basis to show them that they are appreciated and to keep them coming back for more.

Playtech recently did just that with their Biggest Bingo Jackpot promotion. A number of licensees of the Playtech online bingo software package gave away regular prizes that were valued anywhere from 25 GBP to 25,000 GBP to players who play the slots at these online bingo rooms. These prizes were given out using 10 pre-selected online slots that also feature progressive jackpots. The promotion lasted a total of two weeks, and about 2.5 million GBP in prizes was given away just from this promotion. A total of about 40,000 people received prizes, meaning that the average prize was worth about 62 GBP.

Right in the middle of this awesome promotion, one lucky player picked up a nice progressive jackpot win of his own. While playing the super-popular Clover Rollover progressive slot, this player picked up an enormous 1.36 million GBP jackpot. Playtech has paid out some extremely large jackpot prizes, but this prize was large enough to be the third biggest jackpot in Playtech history. Including this jackpot, about four million GBP were given away during the promotional period.

Playtech is considered by many to be the top online casino software company in the entire industry. No matter where your loyalties lie, you can't deny that Playtech is easily one of the top two or three casino software businesses in the world, and promotions like this one are part of the reason why. Playtech not only makes excellent software and great games, but they also make sure that players at Playtech-powered online casinos and onlnie bingo rooms get lots of value through big promotions.