Spanish Online Casino Announced by Playtech

Spain has formally regulated online gambling, and the first batch of licenses have officially been given out. Playtech is looking to take advantage of the moment to get a foothold in the country since a number of online casinos that use the Playtech software have been granted licenses to operate in Spain.

Online gambling law is very complicated. Because a single online casino can offer its games to players from several different jurisdictions, it can be tricky to follow the laws and regulations of so many places at the same time. It costs online casinos money to simply pull out of an area completely, so it makes financial sense to try to operate in as many areas as possible. While many areas don't actively enforce their gambling laws or have gambling laws that are very lax, several countries have been putting very strict guidelines in place. Spain is one of those countries.

After a lot of preparation, Spain has created a framework for licensing online casinos to operate in the country. Playtech was hoping to get a few online casinos that use their software into Spain to establish itself in the newly-regulated environment, and their wish came true. Quite a few Playtech-powered properties were given permission to operate in Spain by receiving a license. This was Spain's first set of licenses that it will be giving out to online gambling site operators.

Playtech has tailored a version of its software specifically for the Spanish players. There are special restrictions placed on a lot of the games, and Playtech's software has to abide by these restrictions before it can be used by popular online casinos like William Hill Casino and Bet365 Casino in the country. It's fairly common for countries to institute specific regulations like this when giving out licenses to protect the players from unfair gaming practices and to make it easier to keep an eye on how much revenue is being generated.

As one of the top three online casino software companies in the world, Playtech has an influence in almost every single jurisdiction where online gambling is allowed. It has remained so successful because of its excellent software, awesome game selection and the amount of effort they put into getting established in newly-regulated countries. Playtech's recent activities involving the Spanish online gaming licenses show that they take the Spainish market very seriously and that they are very excited to be serving Spain.