eCheck (Electronic Checks) as a Payment Option at Online Casinos

Players who have a checking account will find that they will have the option of using an eCheck to add funds to a casino account. This is not the most popular method used by players, but it will provide a safe and secure way to conduct casino transactions without having to use an alternative electronic payment service.

eCheck (Electronic Checks) as a Payment Option at Online Casinos

eChecks allow players to fill out a check electronically and use it as a means of adding funds to an online casino account. The funds are directly transferred from a valid checking account and added to the player account in the casino. This is a safe and secure method that is a great option for players without a credit card or an account with any other electronic payment service.

some eCheck casinos may have a minimum deposit amount that is required. This is usually around the amount of $50. Since many players deposit this much or more, these requirements should not present any problems. Players are urged to check with individual casinos regarding their current eCheck policies.

One of the main advantages to using this type of payment method is that there are no fees involved. It would be just as if the player were at a physical store and made a purchase using a check. The only difference is that the eCheck will not be physically written. It is filled in electronically and then sent through to the selected online casino.

A downfall of using an eCheck is the processing time. Many casinos will provide the players with the casino funds immediately, but the actual check may not clear for as long as one week. In addition to making casino deposits, players can also request a withdrawal. When this is done, the casino will issue a payment to the checking account. This can also take up to a week to process, so players looking for instant transactions may want to consider other payment methods that are supported at the casino.

eChecks do allow players a safe way of conducting transactions, but e slow speed will deter a number of players. However, it remains a good choice for any player that has no other means of managing their casino accounts online.