New Zealand Online Casino Player Legality

Players from around the world access online casinos on a regular basis with the intentions of enjoying great games and earning cash rewards. For players from New Zealand, online gambling is an option, but there are some important laws and regulations that players should learn before they begin gambling online.

New Zealand Online Casino Player Legality

Players who are from New Zealand have been enjoying online casinos for many years. With the huge benefits of playing online, these players continue to access online casinos and take part in some of the most exciting casino games available anywhere. While most players will have no problems accessing international online casinos and playing games for cash, there are some complex New Zealand gambling laws that players should be aware of.

The laws for New Zealand online gambling fall under the Gambling Act of 2003. Until that time, no form of gambling had been regulated by laws. Some new changes have left players confused as to whether they are engaging in legal acts when the play in online casinos.

Based on the Act, online gambling is illegal. However, this law will only apply to the gambling acts that occur within New Zealand. What this means for players is that they are free to play in an international online casino that is operating in another country. Even though most online casinos will accept New Zealand players, they are taking a risk in doing so. The authorities actually have the right to prosecute these establishments for offering services to New Zealand players, but few are ever prosecuted.

The law also states that offshore casinos will not be able to advertise any gambling services or activities to players from New Zealand. This includes online ads. Regardless of these recent legal changes, New Zealand players continue enjoying online casino services from around the world. There are no serious ramifications of doing so. Even though the law states that online gambling is illegal, players are constantly accessing casinos and enjoying the safety and protection that is offered. These casinos offer services to make New Zealand players welcome, including the support of certain languages and currencies. Online casino activities remain popular with these players and millions still access international casinos on a regular basis.

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