Online Blackjack & Table Games Information

Table games make up for a big percentage of the space that consumes land based casinos and also makes up for some of the biggest games played at online casinos. Below you'll find more information about popular table games played including blackjack, caribbean stud poker and more.

Online Blackjack & Table Games Information

Table games cover those games that are generally played on tables at land casinos. Most of the table games are blackjack variants. All online casinos offer the standard blackjack games played at land casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Europe. However, some innovative variants are also offered that feature side bets and progressive jackpots. Blackjack games are very popular at online casinos because they offer over 99% average return to players. This is assuming that players employ optimum strategy. The latest blackjack games from the best software providers build in optimum strategy into the games and this is a great help.

Casino poker games are card games based on poker hand rankings. The player competes against the online casino and not against other players as in normal poker cash games. The common variants are Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker and Pai Gow Poker. The returns are not as high as compared to blackjack variants but there are possibilities of high payouts. Many casino poker variants offer progressive jackpots as well.

Roulette is the most glamorous of the land casino games and all online casinos offer European Roulette and American Roulette. The European version is preferred because it offers higher returns. The latest online roulette games have advanced gaming features. They allow players to save complex betting patterns and allow auto play with varying bets. The other table games of note are baccarat and craps.

Since the table games are based on land casino games considerable effort is put in to create a land casino environment through animated card dealing or roulette wheel spinning or rolling of craps dice. The dealer’s voice announcing the game position and winner also helps create a realistic environment. Many software providers allow multi hand play in their card games and this also creates an impression of many players wagering on the table.