Learn About Video Poker Online Here at LvivOpera

Video Poker online offers players who love playing this game at land based casinos a quick, convenient and safe way to play online. With so many variations at online casinos to choose from there's no doubt you'll find a certain level of satisfaction playing video poker at online casinos. Below are some of the best most trusted and reputable online casinos offering video poker which we here at LvivOpera recommend to players.

Rank Casino Brand Free Bonus
#1 All Slots Casino $/€/£ 1600
#2 Royal Vegas Casino $/€/£ 1200
#3 Jackpot City Casino $/€/£ 1600
#4 Omni Casino $/€/£ 1818
#5 Spin Palace Casino $/€/£ 1000

Learn About Video Poker Online Here at LvivOpera

Like blackjack games, video poker games offer average returns of 99%. And like casino poker games they offer some high payout possibilities. Since they combine the best of both games, they are very popular at online casinos. Almost all video poker variants follow the same structure. Five cards are dealt up front to the player. The player can hold as many of them as he wants to and the remaining are replaced. If the final hand figures in the payout table then the corresponding payout is made. The higher the hand ranking, the larger is the payout.

The basic video poker game is Jacks or Better. The payout starts at even money for a pair of jacks or higher. In order to introduce variety in video poker games, some variants have introduced wild cards that can substitute for other cards. In Joker Poker the wild card is introduced by using a 53-card deck with the joker as the wild card. In Deuces Wild all twos are wild cards. The payout tables are tweaked to compensate for the advantage. In Deuces Wild the payout table begins with even money for three of a kind hand. Most online casinos offer multi hand video poker games. In some of these games players can wager on 100 hands at a time. These allow for the game speed to increase tremendously.

Players who want to wager on video poker games should keep these two tips in mind. Except in a few rare cases, players must not break paying combinations in the hope of getting combinations that pay out more. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Also players should always wager with five coins. The royal flush offers a jackpot payout if five coins are wagered and one should not forsake that chance.